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Pregnant With Our First Bambino

Wahoo, I am finally back on the blog after a long leave of absence. And as most of you know, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in July of 2019. Being pregnant has been such a fun, exciting and emotional experience and I wanted to share the ins and outs with all of you.

First things first, I am going to share a few things that have made my pregnancy easier and more enjoyable.

1. A pregnancy pillow- This is a game changer and you need one in your life. Sleeping while pregnant is not always comfortable and by the middle of your second trimester you have to limit the amount of time you sleep on your back. Therefore, this pillow has saved me from many sleepless nights. I haven't slept without this pillow since it was given to me and I'll be sad to sleep without it once our little man arrives. The pillow does keep me warmer so I would recommend getting a pregnancy pillow that only wraps around one side if you are naturally a warm sleeper.

2. Chewable Prenatal Vitamins- I hate swallowing pills and didn't want to stress about it for 10+ months. Thankfully, you can find prenatal vitamins in chewable form. My doctor informed me that these are a great option. I would recommend the Alive brand found in the natural health foods section. This brand does not contain high fructose corn syrup or dyes. I finally got the courage to take the pill form of the same brand and I really like them. However, only take them with a meal. You'll thank me later.

3. Lemon Water- I thankfully had no issues getting water down everyday. Putting fresh squeezed lemon in my water helped make the daily process less boring. It's also refreshing and yummy.

4. Protein Rich Snacks- My doctor recommended eating small meals throughout the day that were high in protein. I was starting to feel "light headed" and dizzy at work in my second trimester and the protein helped a lot. This is personal preference but I love string cheese, yogurt, turkey jerky and cottage cheese. You can also have beans, dark green vegetables, etc.

5. Moderate Exercise- Talk to your doctor about exercising if you are pregnant. I was cleared to continue working out throughout my pregnancy unless adverse symptoms occurred. I have taken one day at a time and go to the gym on days when I have the energy. I feel great when I am able to make it.

Next up, all the weird things I learned while being pregnant.

1. You can indeed drink coffee. A lot of people thought I was crazy for drinking coffee but I was cleared by my doctor to have 200 mg of caffeine a day if I wanted. I limit myself to have caffeine a few times a week but it has been helpful on the days when I am exhausted.

2. People will give you their opinion whether you want to hear it or not. Friends, family, colleagues, random people, etc. They will all give you their two cents. You do NOT have to take their advise. Everyone's pregnancy is so different. My advice, listen to yourself, your doctor and what feels right. Some people were very positive and thoughtful which was great. On the other hand, some were very negative. Do not let them put a damper on your pregnancy or scare you away from the thought of having children.

3. You will be very tired. I was aware that fatigue was a symptom but I didn't know how tired I would really be. I have been sleeping as much as I can and not feeling bad about multiple weekend naps. Listen to your body and rest when needed.

4. Communicating your with your spouse is very important. I have had a lot of emotional changes within the last few months that I wasn't expecting. The best thing I can do is tell my husband these things as they occur. It has helped prevent arguments and frustrations. It's totally normal to feel stressed, tired, anxious, etc. However, your partner does not know what you are feeling unless you tell them.

5. Finding out the gender was such an amazing experience. My husband and I really wanted to find out the gender at our 18 week ultrasound appointment and we are so happy that we did. As first time parents, it helped us feel more prepared. We were also so stinking excited and the thought of waiting until the birth was overwhelming. Do what feels right to the both of you. Wait if you want to wait or find out. It truly is up to you.

6. Having a positive attitude makes a big difference. There have been a lot of days that pushed me mentally and physically. However, I knew those days would not last forever. I am so thankful to be pregnant to begin with and I want to enjoy my pregnancy to it's fullest. I have challenged myself to focus on all the positive experiences and to remember how thankful I am to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy.

7. Buying baby products is so much fun. My husband and I started looking at strollers, car seats, rockers, etc. fairly early. That way we had enough time to think about what we really wanted. It also helped us determine how much we would be spending up front. I would recommend thinking about what items you personally want to buy and go from there.

8. Your skin will stretch and it will itch. Applying lotion every night will help tremendously. I also started applying rose hip oil to areas where I am prone to stretch marks.

Overall, my pregnancy has been such a fun and loving experience. I am so excited to be a mom and cannot wait to see my husband as a dad.There is so much to look forward to. I am going to enjoy every minute of pregnancy while I can. Thank you for reading!


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